Tammy Beatty
Womens Home Director
(503) 498-1514

Alex Zafra
Portland Men’s Director
(503) 927-3514


Since 1991 our Ministry has provided faith-based recovery homes for men and women within the city of Portland

and surrounding cities. We have been involved in helping individuals overcome and break the cycle of drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, gang, and domestic violence, through a comprehensive live faith-based approach. It is our Vision and Commitment to Reach, Teach, and Equip individuals with the essential tools and resources needed to live a positive and productive lifestyle. Our recovery homes offer a variety of classroom training, bible studies, prayer, and support groups to help our residents overcome their insurmountable problems one step at a time.


• Housing/Food
• Transportation
• Counseling
• 12-Step Classes
• Anger-Management
• Bible Studies/Prayer
• Life Skill Classes
• Soft Skill Job Training 

Many other services are provided to help them succeed.


For those who complete our recovery home, we have seen a 45% success rate of staying clean and sober. Many have become missionary workers, rehab directors, and business entrepreneurs.


The men and women are encouraged to enter the Second-phase level of our homes, which is called Re-entry. The purpose of this is to help them:

• Integrate back into our Community, Church, and Family

• Find Job Placement
• Support and Accountability
• Independence and Stability

We believe in working and holding the residents accountable until they feel they can stand on their own. Every year we help hundreds of men and women not only recover but reunite them back with their children and families.


We ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to become a part of something great and rewarding. Let us together break the cycle of drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, gang, and domestic violence within our communities.

Any financial gift amount would be greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.